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Brown Rice Solids provide you with a sustained supply of energy to help get you through the most physically demanding activity or your most hectic day without experiencing the symptoms of low-blood sugar that can impede your performance or slow you down. Brown Rice Solids are basically new functional protein ingredients that are processed from sprouted brown rice following organic methods. They are a kind of organic rice protein concentrates but unfortunately, most rice protein concentrates currently available have limited solubility and emulsification properties, poor taste and gritty texture, making it an unsuitable choice for beverages. However, Brown Rice Solids are hypoallergenic, have a sweet-bland taste, highly digestible by infants and adults, and rich in all essential and non-essential amino acids. Moreover, organic Brown Rice Solids are not only a quickly oxidized energy source, but also provide the highest level of naturally occurring nutrients. For example, organically produced Brown Rice Solids contains high levels of potassium and magnesium.

This highly nutritious content of Brown Rice Solids arrives from its main ingredient, the brown rice. Brown rice is simply white rice that has the bran covering the rice grains intact. Due to this reason, it is a much better source of fiber and starch compared to white rice. Moreover, brown rice itself is very much rich with minerals as in iron, magnesium, vitamins and natural fibers that help into the lowering of LDL cholesterol and doesn’t disturb the blood sugar level. Interestingly, the protein content, distributed between the bran and endosperm layer, constitutes 7% to 9% of the brown rice grain. When this rich protein and other minerals are gathered in concentrated form by drying the brown rice, it generates Brown Rice Solids. Gluten free and a fantastic alternative to allergens found in Soy and the incomplete amino acid profile of Whey and Caseins, these Brown Rice Solids or powders are now among the favorites for large-scale food product application. They generally come in two solubility types; one, which stays suspended in liquid without the gritty mouth feel, and one that dissolves in solution with no measurable precipitate. Brown Rice Solids are now considered premiere food ingredients that are being regularly used in different dairy products, energy bars, protein mixes and are also well suited for use in supplements and nutraceuticals.

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