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Rice Maltitol Syrups is one of the smartest organic choices available for anyone trying to manage their blood sugar, control their weight with low-carb diets, athletes and people struggling with diabetes, insulin-resistance or hypoglycemia. It is one of the best examples of organic nutritive sweeteners. Rice Maltitol Syrups are basically non-crystallizing sweetening liquids with 3.0 cal/gr caloric value, containing a minimum of 50% maltitol. Derived from the carbohydrate-rich grains of rice, these organic syrups are used to partially replace glucose and other high sugar contents in food items and beverages to support a stable blood sugar level without hampering the taste satisfaction. This happens because Rice Maltitol Syrups rank very low in the glycemic index. This translates to the fact that by consuming Rice Maltitol Syrups in any form, the food takes higher time to convert itself to glucose thus resulting in diminished hunger and less blood sugar levels.

Rice Maltitol Syrups are a unique combination of the high qualities of rice and maltitol at the same time. Maltitol, one of the most important polyols or sugar alchohols, is a disaccharide and has very similar to sucrose in many of its characteristics. Although it has 90% of the sweetness of sucrose, it has about half the calories of the same. Moreover, organic maltitol does not brown or caramelize and as is it never gets metabolized by oral bacteria maltitol does not promote tooth decay. For this reason maltitol has been extensively used in chocolate compound coatings for nutritional bars and baked products, in baked goods such as cookies, cakes and crèmes, and in confectionery coatings. With all these nutrients, Rice Maltitol Syrups are adjudged as a kind of polyol syrups containing greater than 50% maltitol. As sweetness of Rice Maltitol Syrups is dependent on the maltitol level in the syrup, it can be adjusted and may range from 30 to about 80 times the sweetness of sucrose. Further, Rice Maltitol Syrups combine the high sweetness of maltitol with the stability of higher-molecular-weight products, increasing their utility in hard candy, caramels, soft candies, nutritional bars and baked goods. Nowadays, in most of the sugar-free applications, these organic Rice Maltitol Syrups are being used to supply the “bulk,” or viscosity and sweetness required in the product, without bothering the weight and insulin levels

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